Automotive Business and the Superbowl

The automotive business is taking over the majority of Superbowl commercials, who knows we may even see some cash for cars commercials too. It is said that GM will be making a come back, and they will even be having five thirty second commercials. This is the first time they will be airing since they declared bankruptcy. It is unbelievable how many of these commercials will be car dealers, approximately 15 of them will be to be exact. This just shows how the economy is becoming much stronger. It also means that the car dealerships are making a come back, and are now able to spend money more freely.

There is some other news, it is said that Hyundai is going to be airing a good portion of the ads, and there is also a record breaker. Mercedes is said to have aired its first ever Superbowl ad, what a break through! It is obvious why so many car dealers are opting in, because around one hundred and fifty Americans are expected to be watching.

Now you may be wondering how much it cost to have a Superbowl ad, here is an explanation for you. It will cost about 1 million dollars for every 10 seconds the ad is being run. The typical car dealer is running about a 30 second commercial which is a whopping 3 million. I truly wonder if any of the dealers will be advertising with a cash for cars program on these commercials. I sure hope they do, these cash for cars programs will be similar to cash for clunkers.

Sean has been in the automotive business for over 20 years he works at a cash for cars company.